Foundation Repair Experts

Foundation Repair ExpertsWe specialize in finding and screening the best foundation repair experts in the business and connecting them with you.

Each of the foundation repair contractors we work with has agreed to provide free written estimates and inspections to their customers through us so you can be provided with a no-obligation consultation.

If you'd like a free foundation repair estimate, call or contact us online today!

All of our Foundation Repair contractors are prescreened, licensed & insured.

Foundation Problems

Foundation problems start off bad and keep getting worse.  When your home experiences foundation settlement, bowing walls, or a sagging crawl space, the symptoms can start off very small.  Perhaps a small crack appears in your foundation walls or drywall.  Or a window jams.

Soon, the problems in a foundation can worsen significantly.  Chimneys can begin to tilt ominously, floors can sag and become uneven, and drywall cracks can begin to grow in size.  If the foundation problem is completely ignored, the foundation will eventually erode to the point of partial or complete failure.  And once the foundation cracks get large enough, you can be sure they'll begin to leak.

You don't want a home with a failing foundation- you don't need it, and you definitely can't sell it for a good price.  Damaged foundations can lead to a decrease in the price of the home that is much more than the foundation repair cost.  And, ultimately, your foundation can be fixed in a day or two with the right people. knows who the right people are, and we'd like to share the benefit of our research with you. We'd be happy to connect you with an established, experienced foundation repair contractor in your area who can provide you with the free foundation inspection and written estimate you need.

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Independent Foundation Contractor Agreement

If you're interested in having an independent contractor visit you and have you with your foundation repair project, be make sure you are picking the best on the market.  No two general contractors are the same- research each before you select one to help you with your foundation repair.  When we screen our foundation contractors & dealers, we check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau, check references, make sure they offer written foundation repair warranties, and run them through our tough screening process.  At, we know that the conditions in the foundation are different than anywhere else in the home and need special products for your sub floor, your foundation carpet, and your foundation walls.  We'd like to set you up with one of our presecreened foundation repair contractors who can offer you a free home improvement estimate and free price quote proposal that will help you with your foundation repair plan! Feel free to visit our sister sites and for all your home improvement needs.