Foundation Cracks & Leaks

Turn your wet basement into beautiful living areaCracks in foundation walls are cause for attention but not alarm.  Even in new foundations, it's not uncommon to find some cracks in the walls for a variety of reasons.  Very often these cracks are harmless and should only need to be monitored to ensure that they don't expand or worsen. 

However, all foundation cracks should be taken seriously in the beginning, as they can lead to foundation leaks and may be a sign of significant damage to the foundation walls, footing, and/or slab. 

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Vertical Foundation Cracks

Vertical foundation cracks are often caused by poor construction practices or by the natural curing and shrinking of the foundation concrete.  Vertical cracks in the concrete alone are a sign of a major foundation problem as often as horizontal cracks are.  However, they do present a significant problem when they leak water from the earth into the basement or crawl space.  In fact, in some cases, water can literally squirt through the foundation wall through these vertical cracks!

Fixing Vertical Foundation Cracks

Sometimes, a homeowner will try to fix leaking foundation cracks by simply sealing the gap with caulk.  This must be done on a clean surface, or the caulk will bond to dirt instead of the concrete around the crack. When this is done, a white, powdery substance known as efflorescence will build up around the seal, wearing it off.  Soon, the water pressing in will find its way around the seal and cause it to peel off.

Using hydraulic cement to plug a wall crack is another attempt that widely fails a homeowner.  When this rigid plug is used, it cannot withstand the constant swelling and shrinking of the foundation due to temperatures and moisture.  In about two years, the fluctuations will work the plug loose.

Epoxy seals can hold against the fluctuations, but because the problem of foundation water still exists, it can often lead to a new crack nearby.  Additionally can only be applied to a completely dry surface, and , epoxy cement cures very slowly, often running from the other side of the foundation crack before it hardens.

Due to their flexibility and expandable design, urethane seals work much better.  However, because cracks sometimes expand to more than 100% of their size, these seals will also eventually break.

The best method for foundation crack repair is to use a urethane-based sealant with a high viscosity to help it seal hairline cracks.  There are sealants available that can bond with both wet and dry concrete and are impenetrable to water.  Even these seals can fail in rare cases, so more will be needed.  The best contractors will dig a small drywell beneath the crack and fill it with clean stone.  Then, a layer of foam is run along the crack and into the drywell to direct any leaking safely away.  After this, the well can be resealed with concrete, and the foam strip can be coated over to give a clean, tooled-off look.  Call or contact us today for a free foundation crack repair estimate.

Horizontal and Stair Step Cracked Foundation WallsHorizontal Foundation Cracks

Horizontal wall cracks are very often the sign of a serious problem, and when they go unattended, they can even lead to the eventual complete failure of the walls.  The cracks can be caused by expansive and hydro-compactable soils as well as weak supporting soils.  If your foundation is failing, the leaks may be the least of your problems.

If you see a foundation crack that's wide enough that a dime can fit in the opening, you should definitely locate a foundation contractor to inspect the damage.  He can recommend the best option for fixing the bowed wall and potential foundation leak, offering solutions such as helical piers, wall anchors, or other forms of reinforcement that strength to the wall, stop the inward movement, and with some methods, even offer an offer the opportunity to attempt to return the wall to its original position.

Finding and Monitoring Cracks

Homeowners often will not find foundation cracks until long after they've developed.  Cracks will most often forma t the weakest points and openings in foundation walls, including corners, edges of basement windows, pour lines, service holes, pipe penetrations, tie rods, and long spans of wall.

If you locate a foundation crack, it's very important that you monitor it carefully.  Mark off the edges of the crack on the plaster, concrete, tile, or brick using a pencil.  Be sure to date all lines and to draw several "alignment" marks at various locations along the crack to ensure that the crack isn't shifting unevenly.  Check on it regularly, adding dated alignment marks as necessary, to monitor how quickly the wall is deteriorating.

Foundation Repair Contractors

We'd like to connect you with the best foundation repair contractors in your area.  We have prescreened foundation contractors available in all 50 states who are available to give you the quality service that you need. For a free, no-obligation estimate on your foundation crack repair or foundation leak solution, call or contact us online today!

Independent Foundation Contractor Agreement

If you're interested in having an independent contractor visit you and have you with your Foundation Repair project, be make sure you are picking the best on the market.  No two general contractors are the same- research each before you select one to help you with your Foundation Repair.  When we screen our Foundation contractors & dealers, we check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau, check references, make sure they offer written Foundation Repair warranties, and run them through our tough screening process.  At, we know that the conditions in the Foundation are different than anywhere else in the home and need special products for your sub floor, your Foundation carpet, and your Foundation walls.  We'd like to set you up with one of our presecreened Foundation Repair contractors who can offer you a free home improvement estimate and free price quote proposal that will help you with your Foundation Repair plan!