Mud Jacking Repair Contractors

Mud Jacking ContractorsMudjacking, a.k.a. concrete leveling or pressure grouting, is a simple way to fix a sunken concrete slab on your property. Over the years, the concrete that supports your sidewalk or patio may settle. This is often caused by erosion or the inherent settling of Earth's tectonic plates. Whatever the cause, uneven concrete should be repaired as soon as possible so that your home is structurally-sound.

Always use mudjacking repair contractors that are prescreened, licensed & insured.

That provide Free Inspections & Estimates.

About Us

Our goal is to match you with the most qualified Mud Jacking contractors. We only consider businesses that are established and have a good track record with their customers. We do this by checking their records with the Better Business Bureau and carefully researching the history of each business.

All Mud Jacking contractors that we recommend to prospective clients are prescreened, licensed, and insured. And rest assured that your personal information will be kept private. After you fill out our short form, no more than three Mud Jacking contractors will contact you, all within 48 hours. From there, you can select the contractor that you feel offers the best rate and references.

If you presently have a concrete slab that lies below ground level, contact us today and we'll find a reliable Mud Jacking contractor in your area that will give you a free inspection and estimate!

Mudjacking Explained

So how does a typical Mud Jacking repair job work? First, the Mud Jacking contractor will drill small holes into the troublesome concrete slab. Then, they will pump grout underneath the slab. This raises the slab back to its leveled position. This Mud Jacking process usually takes a few hours. Once the work is complete, the concrete slab will be ready for regular use in 24 hours.

Though Mud Jacking may sound fairly simple, it is not a Do It Yourself job and should be reserved for trained experts only. Give us a call today to be set up with a trusted Mud Jacking contractor!

The Benefits of Mudjacking

Mudjacking is a smarter way to fix your home's sunken concrete slabs than to substitute your existing concrete with new concrete. Why? Two reasons. First, aged concrete is stronger than new concrete. And second, replacing old concrete and laying new concrete is far more expensive and time-consuming than simply resetting your old slab(s). On average, Mud Jacking in costs half the price of replacing the old slab with a new one. Plus, it produces much less of a mess and will not affect other parts of your home or lawn.

If you're looking to reduce your home repair expenses and fix your home in a hassle-free way, we'll put you in touch with a qualified Mud Jacking contractor that will level your home, but not your wallet! Contact us today!

Independent Foundation Contractor Agreement

If you're interested in having an independent contractor visit you and have you with your Foundation Repair project, be make sure you are picking the best on the market.  No two general contractors are the same- research each before you select one to help you with your Foundation Repair.  When we screen our Foundation contractors & dealers, we check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau, check references, make sure they offer written Foundation Repair warranties, and run them through our tough screening process.  At, we know that the conditions in the Foundation are different than anywhere else in the home and need special products for your sub floor, your Foundation carpet, and your Foundation walls.  We'd like to set you up with one of our presecreened Foundation Repair contractors who can offer you a free home improvement estimate and free price quote proposal that will help you with your Foundation Repair plan!